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At D English Rose Ltd founder inventor Chris Goodridge has transformed the symbolic of the rose a central part of historic iconography of the British culture by transforming the shape of the rose into a new and exciting pastry, that is used to make flowers desserts, making the rose shape the first of it's kind in pastry making. Dessert Roses offering an edible version of the rose into an edible rose flower, transforming a cultural ideology into one which everyone can part take into socially by sharing or gifting with roses
A handsculptured pastry dessert roses ideally made for sharing in memorable moments of love, joy and bliss with their closest and dearest friends and families by sharing a flower full moments at dinners, engagements or simply, have an alone moment with wine and roses.

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Celebrate your occasion with edible Flowers Dessert Roses

Create a unique luxury table centre piece to wow your guests!

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  • Our Range

    Our Dessert Roses Edible Flowers  are luxury and handmade sculptured they come in ten various colours.

    Each Rose carries within its cavity walls, a combination of fruity inner flavours, ideal with ice cream or fruity sauces each rose is a unique work of art, and is made with attention to detail and is produced individually at a time in a complex production.

    Time effort and craftsmanship is added to every petal.

    Choices in ten various colours you may choose the one that best suits your situation of gift giving , Choose the special colour that matches the significance of birthdays wedding gifting occasions.

    Whatever your needs are we have an edible rose flower in our range that matches your needs.

  • Our Flavours

    Each edible flower carries a sweet inner Fruity content, a combination of fruits are used to formulate our flavours:

    Strawberries, Grapes Blackcurrants,
    Raspberry, Pineapple, Kiwi, Oranges, Mangoes, Apples, Cherries, Pear, Peaches and other tropical exotic fruits from the UK and round the World.

    Each Flower Handmade luxury dessert roses are made from a specially created pastry with flour and are crunchy on the petals.

    Optional & Made to Order Only Email us with these made to order options if they meet your needs.  

    Lamb, BBQ Jerk Chicken, Salmon & Prawn, Turkey, Vegan & Gluten Free, Steak & Kidney and Crispy Duck.

  • Our Options

    Anyone can eat our roses they are vegan and comes in a variety of colours to suit the occasion needs, team parties, weddings celebrations etc. 

    Specially commissioned roses are made in any of the chosen colours and matching fruity flavours.

    You the client chooses, these can made to order details, on a contractual basis and will be made to specifications of the clients brief.

    Email us in the  contact us section, to pre order the roses  that will bring the most Joy's and share in the love of edible flowers roses with your friends families and event guests.

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