Blog Post#1 = We are ready for launch

Blog Post#1 = We are ready for launch

Take a walk into the introductory World of the World's first edible rose pies made and developed in UK.

At the English Rose we have transformed the rose a central part of our British culture into an edible version of itself, transitioning a cultural ideology into one which every person can part take into by eating and sharing moments of love and bliss with their closest and dearest friends and family by sharing a rose dinner or simply put have a bite into a rose of your choice.

The roses are made from pastry, and are tasty crunchy on the petals and come in many varieties such lamb, chicken, pink Solomon, turkey, vegan Gluten Free, steak, BBQ, Jerk Chicken, etc.

There are several Bouquet types and offers for special occasions and the everyday packs which are faster accessible and can be used to say thank you to someone who may have been kind or helpful to you along your life journey.

There are several novel ways in which you can share in the new phonenon

Our roses were specially created to bring you love and joys within you own lifes with family and friends. And to combat the hardships of lockdown during those challenging period of

covid 19 .

Some of you may ask what's this ?

Well it's a rose one that is bespoke and created by handcrafting to achieve a perfectly formed Rose that you can express your love to someone by offering in scenarios that suits you.

But this unique Rose has been transformed into a edible version, there is the rose But within this rose sack are edible savoury or sweet content made from organically processed content, some of your favourite meats, vegetables and variety of fruits .

The taste and texture is unique the petals are thin tasty and crumbles in your mouth with aroma of spices and herbs some of which are medicinal and good for your overall health .

Anyone can eat our Roses they are halal friendly and comes in many varieties of your selected flavours like chicken, lamb, turkey, created for the specially for the women is the Earth / Rose, BbpBQ , Jamaican Jerk chicken, Gluten Free for vegans, and seafood flavours.

Our roses are sold in various quantities depending on your occasion. Prospective clients with major special events can arrange special consultation to talk through their event and place orders within ample time to ensure a perfectly hand crafted roses are secured and safely delivered to you wherever you are in the World.

How can we eat the roses ?.

As seen here in images our roses can be eaten in many ways for e,g you can have roses and ice cream as dessert after the main meals. Or better have 3 roses as a completely balanced meal one savoury one Vegatable one sweet.

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