About Us

Inspired by time and experience.

D English Rose Ltd was founded in 2021 during the Covid lockdown when getting to restaurants was not permitted, created by Chris Goodridge as an expression of love to share with friends and family. As an environmentalist internationally recognized artist, his concept was to blend art with food – and the astonishing result was the Dessert Roses as D English Rose.


These very innovative Dessert Roses come from the lovely village of Withington South Manchester United Kingdom.  A decarbonised manufacturing process is used in the preparation of the roses.  This also enhances the relationship between the farmer and consumer, as fresh fruits and produce are an essential part of the product.


Revisiting the Historic Traditions

In the UK pies have been a popular and delicious meal option for centuries. From the Cornish pasty to the steak and kidney pie and wonderful range of fruit and custard pies, people have loved their pies. This is another in that list – but a pie with a difference. They are different because of the way they are made, as well as the quality ingredients that are chosen rose shape and colours varieties.


From crafting to mass production

Made with the finest organic ingredients, the taste is beyond anything that can be found in processed foods. These Dessert Roses are particularly suited to those with allergies or food sensitivities. They can be crafted to suit any occasion and can be prepared with most any fruity ingredients you choose


As edible art, these unique, delectable Dessert Roses transform a meal into a celebration. They make an occasion special. And beyond that, unforgettable.



An Industrial Vision revolutionising the food industry.

Besides being eco-friendly, D English Rose Ltd is also charitable. It is contributing profits toward the Yassmine Foundation to support girls and women in underdeveloped countries who will receive medical information and care.

Additionally, it’s providing a model of a socially responsible, sustainable business showing measured growth for emerging countries.

Besides producing the traditional English Roses, Christopher is also designing Roses that include medicinal herbs. So instead of taking pharmaceuticals, think of your food as delicious nourishing “medicine”. Here you have the combination of tasty, along with good for you. And convenient – just order securely online. What could be better?